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From 1 July 2017, Simpler BAS is the default reporting method for small businesses with a GST turnover of less than $10 million. They have less GST information to report on their BAS.
Small businesses only need to report:
    • G1 Total sales
    • 1A GST on sales
    • 1B GST on purchases
The following GST information is no longer required:
    • G2 Export sales
    • G3 GST-free sales
    • G10 Capital purchases
    • G11 Non-capital purchases
Simpler BAS does not affect how other taxes are reported (eg PAYG income tax instalments or PAYG tax withheld), or how often you lodge your BAS.
You still need to keep records, such as tax invoices, as proof of any claims you make in your BAS and income tax return lodgements.

Preparing for Simpler BAS

You don’t need to do anything to access Simpler BAS reporting. If you lodge online and are eligible for Simpler BAS we will automatically send you a BAS requiring less GST information.
If you are a paper lodger and are eligible for Simpler BAS, you only need to complete G1 Total sales, 1A GST on sales and 1B GST on purchases. Small businesses with a GST turnover of less than $10 million are eligible for Simpler BAS.

Simpler BAS benefits

Simpler BAS reduces the complexity of GST bookkeeping and reporting, and in doing so reduces compliance costs. It makes the GST account set-up, ongoing bookkeeping, BAS preparation and lodgment more simple.
Simpler BAS makes it easier for businesses to do their bookkeeping for transactions that have both GST taxable and non-taxable items.
For users of accounting software, it is easier to classify and code GST transactions and prepare and lodge your BAS.
For example, a café owner who has a supermarket receipt with over 100 mixed supply items now only needs to enter the total amount of the invoice and GST paid. This means they spend less time capturing mixed invoices that have GST and GST-free items on their accounting software.
With Simpler BAS, less information is required, meaning the data provided is more accurate with fewer adjustments.

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